Thursday, May 24, 2012

Posting a poem I wrote this morning. Formatting has all gone wonky. If I add punctuation, maybe that will help? Why I do what I do. Tentative knock at the door, Smiles of nervous excitement, Knowing she's achieved, Awaiting acknowledgement, Encouraged, A story once unachievable, Now is enjoyable, Conquered easily, Accomplished. Delight in knowing, Comprehending successfully, Understanding. Self esteem, Glowing, Whakanui!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why we do what we do...

Enjoyed this post from Seth Goodin today so thought I would repost. Accept applause, sure, please do. But when you expect applause, when you do your work in order (and because of) applause, you have sold yourself short. That's because your work is depending on something out of your control. You have given away part of your art. If your work is filled with the hope and longing for applause, it's no longer your work--the dependence on approval has corrupted it, turned it into a process where you are striving for ever more approval. Who decides if your work is good? When you are at your best, you do. If the work doesn't deliver on its purpose, if the pot you made leaks or the hammer you forged breaks, then you should learn to make a better one. But we don't blame the nail for breaking the hammer or the water for leaking from the pot. They are part of the system, just as the market embracing your product is part of marketing. "Here, here it is, it's finished." If it's finished, the applause, the thanks, the gratitude are something else. Something extra and not part of what you created. To play a beautiful song for two people or a thousand is the same song, and the amount of thanks you receive isn't part of that song.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Empowered by new learning

Today I attended a running workshop held by James Kluegger. It was advertised at our family chiropractor and when I saw it my interest was plucked because I've never before had lessons in running. Although I've been running for the last few years, entering races and setting goals, I've never had the science or biomechanics shared with me, and to be honest, I'd never really looked for it either. Running is something that pretty much most people can do, and have done as children. I just look at Kaea, she will pretty much run anywhere if she wants what's at the other end. Anyway, this workshop today reminded of the old adages 'you don't know what you don't know' and 'the definition of stupid is doing the same thing you've always done but expecting different results'. Today I learnt some things and had my thinking challenged. This is going to lead to a change in practice where I will apply some of my learning and monitor the results. I'm excited by the possibilities and the challenge. Will I be able to run more efficiently? Will I be able to increase my pace? Will I be able to achieve the big goals I've set?
When I think about it, it is right along the same lines of what we aim to achieve through 'teaching as inquiry' in our appraisal. The principles behind it are the key I think.
I look forward to more running, reflecting and learning.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Start of year professional learning

Guess what...
I'm back! Today our team is engaged in professional learning with Dr Marion Sanders on writing. This is our third day together as a staff. One of the tasks Marion just asked of us was called looping. We had to reflect on our prior two days of professional learning together, and then write a paragraph of our thoughts. We then had to choose our favourite sentence from that paragraph, share it with a colleague, and then use this to frame our next paragraph.
Here's what I wrote -

I feel invigorated by the professional learning time we spend together.
I get great energy and invigoration from framing moral purpose, reflecting on the big picture and dreaming of what can be. I find it inspiring to be learning, growing and gaining energy alongside those I work with. The positive buzz of possibility is like fuel that helps to drive me throughout the year. I believe we do the most important job - and I also feel that we are privileged to do so. Our work is also very challenging, and through the strength of the unity we generate in our days together, I feel invigorated. I hope others do to, as it is through our collective spirit, drive and passion that great things will occur. I hope that each year is better than the last - that the learning opportunity and outcome builds further our community.

The positive buzz of possibility is like fuel that helps to drive me throughout the year.
Once we begin our year with our learners the focus of learning together tends to take on subtle changes. I guess it might be selfish, but during these three days the focus is on challenging our thinking, being creative and dreaming. Next week, we will take greater cognizance of the challenges we face with our learners. Maybe someone not having lunch, or someone not treating another person respectfully, or the marriage break up that is effecting a child. Although we have been imagining this reality is some respect, the reality of it will impact our head space maybe more than we expect prior to the year beginning.

I enjoyed this - and it's prompted me to get back to my blog. To again be a writer - to prioritise this as a tool for my own reflection and learning. I hope to achieve this with more regularity - maybe you, because you're reading this could support me in doing so. Ask questions, make comments, tell me to get on with it if I haven't written anything for a few weeks.

Anyway, back on with it now... and on the running front (if you're interested), a 26km run in National Park on Saturday (The Tussock Traverse). Hope that will be fun and invigorating too!