Saturday, June 11, 2011

Exceeding expectations

Whilst driving home one night this week an interesting discussion was taking place on the radio station I was listening to. It was a talkback show (it's funny how when I was younger I only thought old people listened to talkback, now I quite enjoy it myself. What might that mean???) and the show host was asking people to ring in and share their experiences with when someone has exceeded their expectations, particularly in the service industry. Also, during the week we had a couple of things happen at school that I believe tied into this theme. Firstly, one of our teachers received a beautiful cake and letter from a parent expressing their heartfelt gratitude for the difference they had made to her son and family. I believe that parent had their expectations exceeded. Secondly, one of the 'cheeses' at school was trying to connect with a family that we have had difficulty communicating with over a period of time. After many attempts in a range of ways, a connection was finally made by calling home at about 8.30pm, and from that connection a meeting was set up for the following day to further the conversation. This lead to some great positive outcomes, more understanding and strengthening of home school partnership. Was it exceeding expectations to call after hours in this way?
So, i've reflected on these events and the content of the talkback show and I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts (now I'm becoming the talkback host!).
Can we exceed expectations as schools and teachers?
Should that be a goal?
How might it look for us to exceed expectations?
If you exceed an expectation, does that then become the new expectation? If yes, is it sustainable to keep doing this?
Please exceed my expectations in sharing your thoughts and helping me to learn by considering your thoughts and perspectives.

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  1. I've learned a lot about high expectations this week. Something I've reflected on while building a parent partnership is...who's expectations are we focusing on? Do we make judgments too quickly because the expectations we hold are unrealistic? How often do we give up or simply follow a similar path and remain unsurprised about a similar outcome?
    Having high expectations, in this situation, I believe is knowing the purpose of the intended outcome or goal and being prepared to stick around for the long haul. Also being brave enough to try a new approach and admit if an earlier approach didn't cut it.
    Who will benefit from a parent partnership? Why is this worth the effort?

    As far as creating and growing new expectations, I'm going to remember to keep in mind the who? and the why? and I'm sure that will lead me to the how, however that may look.