Thursday, February 24, 2011


We had a great Think Tank day on Tuesday.  We explored our thoughts around the conceptual curriculum and planning and assessment that can be involved with this new way of thinking about curriculum.  As our dialogue progressed, I was reminded of this thinking from Seth Goodin.

It's a lot easier for an organization to adopt new words than it is to actually change anything.
Real change is uncomfortable. If it's not feeling that way, you've probably just adopted new words.

In thinking about our conceptual curriculum, I think we are in danger of doing just that - changing some words but not our approach.  I think we need to take more time to unpack this thinking with all of our team - and this may be a process that takes years rather than days, weeks or months.  Having a conceptual curriculum aligns so well with our vision for learning, and personalisation.  It will be worth investing the time and resource into.

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  1. Yep
    Was reading another principal's blog just recently and he talked of taking 3-5 years to ensure a new initiative was owned and embedded into practice. Might seem a long time in the life of a learner but it's a short time in the life of learning I guess!