Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why 'Leadership On The Run?'

So why have I called this blog 'Leadership On The Run' I hear you ask...  well, this resonates with me on a number of levels... firstly, running is current passion of mine.  I enjoy it physically and socially, and it is also a time when I do lots of reflecting.  I've also had some very humbling experiences with running.  I've been challenged to a point where I've questioned my ability to continue. Worked through pain (mental and physical) and come out the other side as, I believe, a wiser person.  With school leadership I also feel like I've been on the 'run' a lot.  The job can be a complex one.  Demanding physically and mentally, and also very humbling.
Both running and school leadership would also be two of the most rewarding things I've been involved with and learnt from (besides marrying my beautiful wife and having our equally beautiful daughter!).  I look forward to learning more through running and leading but not always leading the running!

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