Saturday, March 5, 2011

John Couch - The wrap up

School can get in the way of learning.

Free agent learning: 2011 - the year of the cloud. Interconnectedness of devices etc.

‘Personalised learning’ the pathway for the future. Apple tools are being developed to support pathways of personalising learning.
By 2019 50% of high school courses will be delivered online.

Students moving from a world of
Compliance to Creativity
Attendance to Participative
Corrective to Self motivated
One size fits all to Personalised

Teachers moving from a world of
Isolated to Connected
Broadcast to Dialogue
Limited knowledge to Ubiquitous information
Expert to Guide

Learning environment from a world of
Seat time to Anywhere, anytime learning
Static books to Dynamic blended content
Subject based to Challenge based
Teacher centric to Learner centric
Classroom walls will come down. Learners will not be limited to whats in the classroom.

We have 2 choices:
1 - Ignore
2 - Transform the learning experience

The way we define our schools today will ultimately define our society of tomorrow!

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