Saturday, March 5, 2011

Motivation and learning - Dan Pink

What really motivates us to do good work?

Behavioural physics - the intuitive sense of what drives behaviour, but not necessarily what we would think. Reward and punishment seems an obvious motivator to many people - but it's not for creative thinking.

As long as a task involves mechanical skills the higher the reward the better the performance.
But once a task calls for “even rudimentary cognitive skill”, a larger reward led to poorer performance.

'If / then' rewards work for simple routine based tasks but not for hueristic type tasks.

Our students will be using the cognitive skills of artists.

Nearly all schoolwork is like ‘commissioned' work. Non commissioned work gives more creativity. Schools should work towards more non-commissioned time.

3 important motivators:

Management is a technology designed to give compliance.

High standards and autonomy are generally what is talked about when people talk about best leaders or teachers.
People want autonomy over -

Fedex days for schools - you have 24 hours to come up with 1 idea to improve our school - after 24 hours you have 3 - 4 minutes to present your idea.

The single biggest motivator ... Making progress in one’s work.

Do it yourself report cards.

Elevate the 'why' and don’t get too caught up on the how.

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