Sunday, March 13, 2011

Make a difference

One of the great things about being an educator is the thought, 'I can make a difference!'. As a school we've been thinking about our friends in Christchurch. We've thought about how we might make a positive difference for them, given the adversity they've faced. What might we be able to do to help and support them? How can we help bring some smiles back to the faces of those who have endured so much hardship?
This disaster, and now also the tragedy that has occurred in Japan, has caused me to pause and reflect often over the last few days and weeks. Watching the images and hearing the stories, I've felt a sense of helplessness - what can we do to help??? Money has been the most practical answer. Raise some money and send it down to help with the repair. As a school, we've done this, raising just over $1200 for a school in need in Christchurch. It was a good effort, and I'm sure will be appreciated. Well done to our school community!
Whilst celebrating this, my thoughts have also been on not taking for granted the ability we have to make a difference every day.
So the question is,
Who might you connect with who you haven't done so recently?
Who might need that extra bit of support or understanding?
Which parents might appreciate a call to let them know how you're enjoying learning with their child?
Which colleagues have inspired or supported you? How could you say thanks or pay it forward?
How are you going to have fun and celebrate learning?
Can you make a bit more time for that learner that you've had a bit more difficulty understanding?
How can you look 'outside' of yourself, and towards a bigger picture.

As we get caught up in the busyness of life, both in school and out, it can be easy to lose sight of the woods for the trees. I believe that these local and global disasters can serve as a reminder - they remind me how fortunate we are, and that we should not take that, and our ability to really make a difference for granted.
I'm going to try hard to make a difference this week, I hope you are too!

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